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If you cannot find the answers to your questions within this e-mail documentation, please e-mail or call the AcuWeb E-mail Support Team at 615-974-2679.

Email Set-up

All help documents for e-mail setup is for MS Outlook and Outlook Express. If you have a different program you need to set up your e-mail account in, please contact us for further support.

Setting Up Outlook to use Acuity E-mail
Win 95/98 | Win2000 | WinXP | Outlook ExpressBellSouth DSL | Mac Mail | iPhone / iPad Mail

Setting Up Windows Mail to use Acuity E-mail
Windows Vista

Filter out Junk Mail

Remove old messages from the Mail Server

'Reply To...' address Setup

'Out of the Office' message Setup

Troubleshooting a 550 Error

Viewing Email Attachments

Active Email Switch Over Process

Additional Information

AcuWeb™ Briefing: "Waging the War on Spam" (and what you can do to help!)

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