Why choose AcuWeb?

AcuWeb is recognized as one of Middle Tennessee's Top 10 Web Developers by the Nashville Business Journal; according to a 2004 study by Vanderbilt University, over 80% of current AcuWeb customers rate their experience with AcuWeb as "Very Good" or "Excellent," and over 88% of all AcuWeb customers since 1995 are still using AcuWeb to provide their web solutions.

Training & Support

We provide great customer support, including online tutorials and training classes to make it easy to master our AcuWeb tools.

Initial training and technical support is included in each of our product and service packages, so you'll learn how to get the most out of them and have the confidence of knowing you can call us for tech information and help without incurring additional charges.

(Some of our more advanced products, however, require fee-based support packages, customized to meet the needs of particular clients. Please ask your AcuWeb Customer Care Coordinator for more information about available support options and pricing for the AcuWeb tools of interest to you.)

See the System in Action

Learn more about the companies and organizations who use the AcuWeb™ system not simply as an 'electronic brochure' for their enterprises, but as part of a broader strategy to improve a wide range of business information exchange processes.

"I cannot tell you how excited I am by the capabilities in the new website! You have done an AWESOME job and the platform is excellent. Thanks for all your help with this project. You guys are great to work with!"

– Mary Lee Bennett
Marketing Manager
Southern Land Company

"We are getting more organic clicks, people are staying on the website more and our page-views are way up! I want to personally thank you and your wonderful staff…the website is everything we wanted it to be and more!"

– Heather South
Office Manager
Sunbelt of Nashville, LLC

"Offering the AcuWeb platform gives [our] clients more flexibility. This is becoming very important as clients express a greater need to update content on their sites."

– Wendy Coulter
Hummingbird Creative Group

"Thanks again for your hard work. We really appreciate all you have done and truly believe these changes will significantly improve both our web-store and bottom line!"

– Ken McElheran
Jetline Systems, Inc.

"Our [new business marketing presentation] book is now 3-and-0. We just picked up another project. I can't tell you how great it is working with your company…!"

– Chris Holt, P.E.
Project Manager
Double R Construction, LLC

"I just updated some things on the site, and your training was invaluable! What an intuitive tool your team has created!"

– April Grippo
Columbia Children's Museum (aMuse'um)

"Thank you, thank you... good website construction! I'm loving it... you can quote me!"

– Brenda Bernstorf
Director of Marketing
Montessori Academy

"The rave around the office here is how wonderful you all are to work with. They're absolutely amazed with your service and assistance (I said I knew that already!)"

– Mike Neel
Former Acuity staffer, now at Hummingbird Creative Group, NC

"There have been so many instances of me saying 'oh, can we do this…?' where you guys have replied, 'we are sooo on top of that already!'"

– D'nelle Throneberry
Site Administrator

"The AcuWeb system has made virtually every aspect of running our state contest easier, smoother, more reliable, error-free, and – actually – more fun!"

– Lauren Danner
State Coordinator
Washington History Day

"Thanks again for taking the time to walk us thought the transition to our new site...you and your team rock!"

– Deborah Burnett

"The Board absolutely loved the new website. We got rave reviews! I just wanted to share with you how happy everyone here is with the design!"

– Kelly Wilkerson
Tennessee Historical Society

"Wonderful web cast! Great teamwork! Thanks for your support, attention to detail, careful review and patience!"

– Kimberly Jungkind
Managed Care MCO
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

"That shot of the 992 is absolutely beautiful. I can't tell you how hard of a time I've had capturing the LEDs as well as you have..."

– Scott LaChapell
LaChapell Audio

"Just received the signage proofs. Holy smokes! I love the first one. I'll be honest, I'm blown away by this. It really looks great!"

– Rodger Waynick
RW Design Group, LLC

"You do such a great job! We appreciate your professionalism and the improvements you bring to our company."

– Crystal Beard
Sales & Marketing Representative
Fox Ridge Homes

"Thanks a million. You always make it easy for me!"

– Aimee M. Punessen
SVP, Marketing
Franklin Financial Network

"Does anyone ever tell you you're good to work with? If not, they should!"

– Jeff Carlton
Wax Family Printing

"The employees…were all talking about how much they love our new logo, and it's their favorite of all the schools!"

– Tanelle Murphy
Montessori Academy

"I finally found time to surf around the SBF site. It's VERY impressive. It really makes one feel he/she belongs to something substantive...you have done an amazing job!"

– Fran Scott
Board Member
Southeast Business Forum

"My logo and web design possibilities could be awesome...or should I say WILL BE awesome because it's AcuWeb!"

– Lisa Weber
ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach


Solution :: the AcuWeb™ System

The AcuWeb system is a suite of web-based tools that will allow you and your staff to deploy and manage a highly functional website more quickly and cost-effectively, without the need for technical training or a technical background.

The AcuWeb™ suite of online tools allows non-technical personnel to easily manage website content, maintain online product information, take online surveys, manage online event registration, offer online training to employees or customers, E-market to contact lists, generate great looking online brochures and more; all with no prior technical knowledge, all through a standard web browser.

The AcuWeb™ system consists of a series of a'la carte modules; you license only those you need to achieve your online objectives. These modules can be used in combination to accomplish more sophisticated online tasks. The key to the success of this approach is that it allows you to maintain even a functionally-sophisticated website without any technical knowledge. If you can use a word processor, you can use the AcuWeb system.

AcuWeb™ tools are versatile; these are not "cookie cutter" websites. To see examples of the wide range of site interface possibilities, we invite you to visit our web portfolio gallery.

AcuWeb products and services are available on an "a'la carte" basis, so you don't need to pay for anything you're not using. You may add or drop products as you see fit, subject to modest set-up costs that may be required to re-configure your site to utilize the new products.

Watch video overviews about AcuWeb apps Watch a brief video about the AcuWeb suite of business web tools Watch a brief video about AcuWeb Updater - website content management app Watch a brief video about AcuWeb Contacts - web-based customer contact management app Watch a brief video about AcuWeb eFlyer - web-based group email app Watch a brief video about AcuWeb Forms - web-based form builder app Watch a brief video about AcuWeb's Gallery - web-based photo gallery and slideshow builder app Watch a brief video about AcuWeb Directory - web-based hierarchical listing management app Watch a brief video about AcuWeb Events - web-based event promotion and marketing app Watch a brief video about AcuWeb Profile - web-based professional credential presentation app Watch a brief video about AcuWeb Portfolio - web-based product & project presentation app Watch a brief video about AcuWeb Files - web-based, access-managed document control system


AcuWeb System Products
The AcuWeb System consists, at present, of 15 modules, each designed to help you accomplish specific tasks:

AcuWeb™UPDATER™ | Add, modify or delete text and photos from any page in your site with no prior technical knowledge required.

AcuWeb™CONTACTS | Capture and organize contact data, contact histories, and be able to import and export data anytime you like.

AcuWeb™eFLYER™ | Generate graphics-rich HTML eMail messages for easy group distribution.

AcuWeb™FORMS | Effortlessly create sophisticated online forms.

AcuWeb™TRACKER | Collect and report traffic data about customer visits to all of your retail or office locations more easily and quickly than ever before.

AcuWeb™GALLERY | Create and maintain online photo galleries and image libraries, or add smooth, sophisticated Slide Shows to your website…quickly and easily!

AcuCAM™ | Add live, on-site video images to your site with an AcuCam™ webcam package.

AcuWeb™DIRECTORY | Manage searchable, hierarchically-organized directories, such as listings of shopping, dining and entertainment establishments; community venues; and events.

AcuWeb™PROFILE | Post searchable directories online to help people find the resources in your organization (human or otherwise) they are seeking.

All components of the AcuWeb System™ are trademarks of Digital Assets, Inc., d/b/a ijenti. All rights reserved.

AcuWeb™PORTFOLIO | Offer a categorized, searchable portfolio of your organization's product or project portfolio.

AcuWeb™FILES |  Post documents, images, illustrations and files online for secure, selective, access-controlled sharing with others.

AcuWeb™STORE | Versatile, easy-to-manage online catalog and storefront system, available with or without e-commerce (online transaction) capability.

AcuWeb™BANNER | Load and manage the appearance and rotation of clickable graphic or ad banners throughout your site.

AcuWeb™EVENTS | Present a graphical, interactive calendar of events online for your enterprise or organization.

AcuWeb™CONTEST | A flexible, powerful system for quickly configuring online event registration, with or without fees, capturing a broad array of registrant data and managing the operation of even the most complex competitive events online, in real time -- including competition scheduling, scoring and results reporting.

Web Visitor Tracking | View detailed data and reports about your site's visitors and how they used your site during their visit, powered by GoogleAnalytics.

 AcuWeb™CORE Services | Behind it all is one of the most sophisticated, reliable and
 cost-effective web hosting solutions in the region. Learn more about our AcuWeb™CORE Services.