: 'Reply To' Address Setup

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It is important to be sure your 'Reply To...' address is properly set up in Outlook. (These days, with so much Junk Mail floating around, if your 'Reply To...' is not properly set, some mail servers will reject legitimate e-mail you are trying to send to others.)

To set up your 'Reply To...' address in Outlook, simply follow these steps:

  • In Outlook, go to Tools > Accounts > View or Change Existing... and click on your account name to open a small new window with your mail account details.
  • On this detail screen, click the small button in the lower right corner that says 'More Settings'.
  • In the 'More Settings' window, click on the 'General' tab, and then, under the 'Other User Information' tab, enter your E-mail address (be sure to double check your typing!), and then click OK.

That's it; you're good to go!