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SEO & SEM | Search Engine Visibility Services

SEO | Search Engine Optimization

Information Architecture

How your site is built is the number one factor in how your site ranks on a search engine. Careful planning of the site -- with particular attention to the relationship between pages and content -- is very important. All AcuWeb™-powered websites are equipped with information architecture that allows search services like Google to more effectively index, or catalog, the content of your site. We can also take a look at a non-AcuWeb™ site and make recommendations on how to get better page ranks and search engine scores.

URL Submission

Whether it be Google, Yahoo, AOL or others, most major search engines have directories where web addresses (URLs) can be submitted for more rapid indexing. AcuWeb can help your site become recognized more quickly by the major search engines, by properly submitting your site's URL.

Site Map Submission

The site map is the principal component used by leading search engines when indexing websites. It is, in effect, a structural "diagram" of the site, which allows search engines to understand the site's page hierarchy and makes it easier for relevant content to be cataloged. AcuWeb is experienced in developing and submitting site maps that can be effectively utilized by search engines to obtain optimal search results for your site.

SEM | Search Engine Marketing

Your company in Google’s Local Business section

Having your company listed in Google's Local Business section is yet another way to help your company become more "findable" online, and is also an excellent way to encourage others to provide high-quality links to your site. AcuWeb's search engine marketing team can set up and manage your company's GLB listing, and also prepare for you analyses of who's viewing your GLB listing, what search terms they may have used to find you, and what other pages they may have visited; all of which can be used to fine-tune both your GLB listing and your website for maximum visibility.

Your company on GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth

Similarly, GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth, Google's interactive mapping programs, provide opportunities for your business to be discovered and more easily located by prospective customers.  AcuWeb is experienced in utilizing the full range of Google's mapping capabilities, including custom mapping, animated aerial fly-overs, multi-location mapping (tying a searchable database of your locations to an interactive GoogleMap), and more.

Why have a Google AdWords campaign?

Another way to get the most from search engines like Google is to utilize Google's fee-based AdWords advertising program -- links to your site that will appear as part of keyword-specific search results, or as paid advertising placements on various Google-affiliated websites. This is a highly effective way for your company to obtain visibility with audiences utilizing specific search terms or other websites with content relevant to your market segment. For companies that are well-established online, AdWords offers the opportunity to create more visibility for those aspects of your business that may be less well known, or are lagging your growth projections.

AcuWeb's search engine marketing team can recommend, develop and manage comprehensive AdWords campaigns, including content analysis of your site, determination of the key words for which your site should be optimized, and strategic recommendations for the content and placement for each ad.  As part of AcuWeb's service, you can also choose to receive weekly reports on how your campaign is performing, and, if you wish, this can include our team's regular, ongoing analyses and recommendations for campaign fine-tuning, as well as other marketing opportunities.

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