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AcuWeb™Directory allows you to post searchable, hierarchically-organized directories, such as listings of shopping, dining and entertainment establishments; community venues and events; or any other situation where easy, efficient management of categorized information is required, without any need for technical training or database software.

AcuWeb™Directory allows you to create detailed listings, including logos, photos, automatic GoogleMap linking, social media linking, hours of operation, and more.  Directory is frequently used by local media, entertainment and city-portal sites as a revenue-producing adjunct to their other online publishing activities.

Please take a few minutes to watch this informativeVideo Overview of AcuWebDirectory.

Public [website] listings - list view

Public listings - detail view

Optional public map view

Optional public custom view

Optional public registration view

Administrative listing view

Administrative edit view

Administrative listing preview

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To learn more about the specific features of and affordability of AcuWeb™Directory, please feel free to contact us.