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Social Media Services

Social Media and Business Development

Harness the Social Media juggernaut to help your company

Having a presence for your company on sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn expands your audience and exposure, allowing potential customers as well as existing clients to better understand your latest product and/or service offerings, and to engage in an online conversation with you and others who have an interest in your enterprise. In addition, the links generated from your presence on these sites are highly regarded by Google and other search engines, helping you elevate the Google quality scores and page ranks for your site, the net result of which is that your site is positioned higher on search results.

AcuWeb's search engine marketing team can assess your online business objectives, make informed recommendations, and help you implement and maintain your presence on any of these services, including page set-up and customization, so your social media "brand" is visually synchronized with that of your website and other marketing materials.

Blogging for Business

The value of positioning yourself as an expert in your field

Blogging (essentially, keeping a regular online journal) not only fosters a useful conversation with current and potential customers, but also allows you to position yourself and your company as expert in your field.  Google accords special significance to sites that are updated regularly with fresh, relevant content, so blogging can also help your search engine visibility.

AcuWeb offers an affordable, easy-to-use blogging product, to make it easy for you to get started.  We also have a talented team of writers who can help you develop or edit your blog content, as well as instruct you or your staff on blogging techniques that will help your blog posts provide your business with the greatest benefit.

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