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AcuWeb™Portfolio is a specialized AcuWeb™ module designed to allow you to quickly and efficiently organize and present information about your organization's product or project portfolio.  Originally designed to present information about architecture, engineering, construction, planning, contracting or consulting organizations, Portfolio™ has been enhanced to accommodate any enterprise's need for an online product catalog for non-eCommerce online marketing, in situations where product or project information needs to be shared, but an online purchase is not applicable.

AcuWeb™Portfolio provides website visitors with the ability to quickly search and view your firm's portfolio by product/project category, sub-category, or keyword.  Each item in your portfolio may include a rendering or photo. Portfolio can be customized to include or exclude additional attributes such as cost, size, location and other specifications.

As with all AcuWeb™ modules, you can manage your firm's Portfolio project listings through an easy-to-use, browser-based Administrative interface that requires no prior web-technical knowledge.  Discover the power and versatility of Portfolio by taking a few minutes to view this informativeVideo Overview of AcuWebPortfolio.

To learn more about the specific features of and affordability of AcuWeb™Portfolio, please feel free to contact us.

BELOW :: The Portfolio search tool [left, inset] lets site visitors easily find products/projects by category, sub-category or keyword.  In each search result, the product/project name is a link that opens a detail view [center] with additional information.  From there, visitors can download a Product/Project Fact Sheet in PDF format [right], which is compiled on demand, using data in your Portfolio database at the moment the PDF is requested by a visitor.

Public [website] search & results

Public [website] detail view

Downloadable PDF Fact Sheet

NOTE: To see an enlargement of each view, just click on the image.