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If your business relies on walk-in traffic, and involves anything other than a spontaneous or immediate product purchase, then AcuWeb™Tracker is the prospect traffic tracking tool you've always wanted!

Originally designed to help our new home builders and community developers keep up with model home or sales/information center visitors, this AcuWeb™ module is a unique CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that tracks prospect visits to any of a number of possible points-of-contact (i.e., model homes all across town, across the state, or across the nation!), provides essential information capture, follow-up histories, subsequent product purchase status, and visit source attribution ("how did you first learn about us...?") to help analyze the effectiveness of specific media and marketing campaigns.

Customer service representatives enter their data "in the field," on a daily or even hourly basis, giving sales managers an incredible tool for viewing -- in near-real-time -- essential data on the aggregate visitor activity across any geographically-dispersed enterprise. AcuWeb™Tracker data can optionally be exported into a pre-formatted spreadsheet with graphical analysis tools, enabling you to download a presentation-ready analysis of your data showing activity over the past month, year, and even year-over-year data comparisons! AcuWeb™Tracker can be easily configured for your business, and, like all AcuWeb tools, is web-based and web-based and incredibly easy to use from any internet-ready computer.

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