: Setting Up Outlook to use Acuity E-mail (Bellsouth DSL)

  1. Click "Tools". Select "E-mail Accounts."
  2. If you already have your email set up, select "View or change existing E-mail accounts." If you are setting up your email for the first time, select "Add a new e-mail account." Click "Next."
  3. Select "POP3." Click "Next."
  4. Internet Email Settings: Enter your name and full email address in the "Your Name" and "E-mail Address" fields. IMPORTANT: If the "User Name" and "Password" fields contain your current Bellsouth settings, write them down, you will need it later. If you don't know your Bellsouth password try to copy it to paste in later. (if these fields are blank or you don't know your Bellsouth user name and password contact Bellsouth 1-888-321-2375 and they can provide them to you). Now, In the "User Name" field under "Logon Information," Enter the user name provided by Acuity (if you don't have your user name or password, contact Acuity Marketing for help: 615-591-7025 ext 203). Enter your password in the "password" field. Check the "remember password" box. Enter "mail.acuitymarketing.com" in the "Incoming" Mail Server field and enter "mail.bellsouth.net" in the "Outgoing" Mail Server field. DO NOT check "use secure password authentication."
  5. Click "More Settings."
  6. Click the "General" Tab. Enter a general label to identify this email account in the "Mail Account" Field, such as "Acuity Mail Server." Enter your full email address in the "Reply-To" field. Click the "Outgoing Server" Tab.
  7. Check the box labeled "My outgoing mail server (SMTP) requires authentication," and select the "Log on using" check box. In the "User Name" and "Password" fields fill in your Bellsouth user name and password.(this is where you use the can try to paste your password, if is doesn't work and you don't know your it contact Bellsouth) Click "OK."
  8. Click "Finish." Your configuration is complete.

At this point its a good idea to quit Outlook then restart the program to help it remember your new settings.

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