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Acuity Marketing Communications has been named one of middle Tennessee's top web development teams for the sixth year running by the Nashville Business Journal

AcuWeb Named 'Largest Web Developer' by the
Nashville Business Journal

AcuWeb has been recognized by the Nashville Business Journal as one of middle Tennessee's top web development teams for six years running, during the period when the NBJ was conducting an annual survey of midstate web business. The survey ranked web development firms by the number of full-time employees dedicated to web development.

AcuWeb was the most long-lived web development firm on the NBJ list, having been established in 1988, and appeared in the Nashville Business Journal's Book of Lists for the years 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. (The Nashville Business Journal discontinued its survey of web development firms after 2009.) AcuWeb thanks the Nashville Business Journal for recognizing our staff and our work.


AcuWeb Honored with ADDY® Awards

AcuWeb's work has been honored by the American Advertising Federation's Nashville Chapter with three of its prestigious ADDY awards.

Our work on behalf of ParkTrust Development of Murfreesboro received a Gold ADDY in the Collateral Material category; a Silver ADDY in the Sales Promotion category; and a Silver ADDY in conjunction with TruColor Litho for producing outstanding print-based marketing materials. To learn more about Acuity's award-winning capabilities, please take a moment to see our point-of-contact, advertising, branding and collateral materials portfolios.

AcuWeb thanks the AAF/Nashville for recognizing our staff and its work!


AcuWeb Makes History Easier
for National History Day

Getting nearly a million U.S. middle and high school students excited about history is becoming substantially easier, thanks to web-based software from AcuWeb that will allow teachers and their students to register online for National History Day, a nationwide academic competition that culminates in a national championship each June at the University of Maryland. Getting 700,000+ students across the U.S. excited about history is going to be a little bit easier, thanks to new web-based software from Acuity that will allow teachers and their students to register online for National History Day

"National History Day is thrilled to be offering each of our 53 state and territorial affiliates with web-based tools to manage every aspect of their district, state and national-level events, from registration to scheduling, scoring and reporting results at each level of competition," explains Dr. Cathy Gorn, NHD Executive Director. "Like most academic competitions, many of our affiliates' budgets are tight and their staffs are small, and so our objective is to streamline those labor- and time-intensive administrative functions that challenge each of our State Program Affiliates." National History Day turned to AcuWeb to help create a system that could manage its multi-level, multi-category competition, beginning with local district contests through state finals, and then on to the NHD national championships.

"Developing a system that would work well on all those levels, and would be easy for teachers, students and their parents to use, was an exciting challenge for us," says Jim McArdle, AcuWeb President and CEO. "We're now in our 4th generation release of our AcuWeb™Contest software, and have created a solution that will streamline NHD's operations, allowing National History Day to engage more students, much more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before."

AcuWeb™ Contest enables NHD to streamline event registration, competition scheduling, judging/scoring and time-sensitive reporting of competition results. Students register online at the local level, and the system carries their information through each level of competition to the national level, allowing them to pay contest fees along the way and schedule their travel arrangements. Once captured, officials can use that information to pre-schedule the entries, and enter judging scores directly into the system, enabling near-real-time turnaround of results.

"The ability to quickly and accurately collect, tabulate and report scores makes all the difference in how students, their parents and teachers perceive the quality of such a competitive event," Dreves noted.

Other key capabilities of AcuWeb™Contest includes: Collection and validation of school, student, parent, teacher and event volunteer information; tracking and managing contest entry data, including all scheduling and scoring; management of student participation authorizations and online fee payments from parents or teachers; automatic layout of award and participation certificates; and a variety of day-of-event custom reporting tools most needed by event administrators.

National History Day engages students in grades 6-12 in the process of discovery and interpretation of historical topics. It began as a small, local contest in Cleveland, Ohio in 1974, when Dr. David Van Tassel and members of the Department of History at Case Western Reserve University created a program to help reinvigorate the teaching and learning of history in elementary and secondary schools. Now based just outside of Washington D.C., National History Day engages more than 2 million people -- including students, teachers and parents -- at some level of competition. Students produce dramatic performances, imaginative exhibits, multimedia documentaries and research papers centered around an annual theme.

The projects are evaluated at the district, state, and national competitions; the top finishers in each of 10 divisional categories will advance to the next round. NHD has now expanded its services to provide workshops, seminars, and curriculum materials for teachers and summer internships for students.

The AcuWeb™Contest software used by National History Day are two modules of the AcuWeb™ suite of online tools.